• Image of Homeless Gift - Diaper Bag

This is one of our homeless outreach products. By purchasing this product you are providing help to those who need it most. Hog Mob will donate this item on your behalf to the homeless community we provide support to on a monthly basis. This is a great way for you to join us as we minister to the broken and hungry and share God's love to those in need.

Anyone who has kids knows how expensive child care can be. We want to help ensure that struggling mothers have good quality items to care for their babies.

This Diaper bag comes FULLY LOADED with: A Diaper Bag Tote, Diapers, Baby Wipes, Bottle, Pacifier, Bib, Baby Blanket, Sippy cup and Mini Stuffed animal. and a 26 in 1 baby grooming kit includes baby nail clippers, baby nail file, Newborn hair brush, Babies comb, finger toothbrush, tweezer, nasal aspirator, baby scissors, Ear Cleaner, medicine dropper, Alcohol prep pads and measuring spoons(ml). This 26 in 1 grooming kit can be used for any infants daily needs.


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