• Image of MOB Jacket
  • Image of MOB Jacket
  • Image of MOB Jacket

Thank you for choosing to purchase our custom Jackets! The Varsity Jacket Is Made With Polyester Fabric. One internal pocket and two external side pockets. Multiple pockets keep essentials close at hand.

These are the instructions we need you to carefully follow to ensure your jacket comes out the way you want. Any mistakes that occur from us not receiving the correct info will not be our fault nor will they receive any refunds or replacements so please type your info carefully and triple check it before submitting it.

Type in your COLOR OPTION in the NOTES section of your order

These are the Color options (see pics for references):

Black/Purple/Yellow trim
White/Purple/Yellow trim
Black/White/Baby Blue/Pink trim
Purple/Yellow/white trim
Red/White/Yellow trim
Red/Black/White trim
Green/White/Yellow trim
Orange/White/Baby blue trim
Black/Red/Baby blue & white trim
Navy blue/White
Baby blue/Pink/white trim
Grey/Black/White trim
Black/Yellow/Purple trim
Black/Yellow/White trim
Black/Pink/Baby blue trim
Black/Green/White trim
Aqua green/White/Black trim


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